HoW 2 SeNd iNfo oN ShoCkRaVeR's iNfoPaRtY ZoNe:

- If y0u WaNt 2 SeNd fLyErS aNd iNfo JuSt dRoP a mAiL wItH aLL tHe iNfo (dAtE, cItY, LoCatIoN, iNfoLiNe) aNd tHe tHe DiReCt LiNk  - HTML CoDe 0f tHe fLyEr, pLeAsE DoN't AttAcH aNy fLyEr In tHe EmAiL!!!!!
- pLeAsE DoNt BoRe mE in mSn aNd EmAiL iN oRdER 2 SpEeD uP tHe pUbLiCatIoN!!
- pLeAsE DoNt SeNd MoRe tHaN oNe EmAiL 0f tHe SaMe PaRtY!!!!
- SeNd 2

shockraver shockraver23 the shock raver

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